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Education First Foundation Limited

UK Charity No. 1127112

To: Luzon Brokerage Corporation (LBC)

The goods passed to your office by our representative Ms. H Balacanao for shipment to Cagayan de Oro were accepted under false pretences; there was at no time any advice or transfer documentation whereby product of this value could simply be taken by LBC a courier company and assigned for their own purposes. We would reiterate that the goods belong to Education First Foundation, the postage labels being completed as is normal practice by Ms. Balacanao for delivery to our Representative Girlie at:




LUMBIA, 9000


and at no time were any goods to be pass to a third party as evidenced by the tracking numbers being given at the time of consignment.

The transcripts of conversation and events evidence the probability that this is a scam within LBC., and we are very concerned that a courier company should without any proper documentation of assignment simply take goods and then profess ownership.

Certainly free shipment was stated as being granted by virtue of the disaster which occurred in Mindanao however at no time was any transfer to what is now stated as LBC foundation involved; these goods were acquired for specific distribution to families of the Carmen area of CDO and must be received by our ground staff and in particular Girlie C. Asinero who is awaiting arrival of the goods.

It is rapidly becoming apparent that this is a "scam" and the internal workings of LBC are "corrupt", presumably without the knowledge of senior management. We have not been given proper details despite prima facia the goods having tracking numbers (161050162044, 161050162240, 161050162407, 161050162399, 161050162192, 161050162142, 161050168549, 161050162349, 161050162094, and 161050162240) and the destination of the goods being kept non specific. We have stated that we are happy to pay for the shipment of our goods and to collect them on arrival at CDO. It is becoming clear that such straight forward answers from LBC are being avoided. The only grounds for this occurring are corruption and the effective stealing and misuse of the goods belonging to Education First Foundation. We reiterate these goods have tracking numbers (161050162044, 161050162240, 161050162407, 161050162399, 161050162192, 161050162142, 161050168549, 161050162349, 161050162094, and 161050162240) and there is no bona fide excuse for them not being accessible at the Cagayan de Oro City destination.

We are ready to speak with branches of the press in the United Kingdom and also in Cagayan de Oro City where we are well known and would refer you to our website at

The senior management of LBC need to be aware of what is occurring within their own organization.

Every excuse for hiding these goods is given and it is unacceptable simply to state "not to worry, they will be distributed under LBC FOUNDATION".

Potentially, we understand the exuberance of wishing to take the credit from our goods. However, we have specific purpose and they cannot simply be "stolen" for LBC's staff's own purposes. This has to be remedied and we insist that senior management deal with this as a matter of urgency.

We will have no compunction in taking legal action and placing these matters in the hands of the police and we reiterate that the goods are taken under false pretences and without due process and with every reason to believe for the benefit of LBC staff. No proper answers are given whereby these goods should be easily traceable via the tracking systems. There is furthermore a playing for time and dissuading us from action. Please note that we have photographs of all the consignments taken at the time of transfer and these had been placed on the internet at the time.

As a courier firm, we are perplexed by statements that goods can be taken in this manner without assignment and exposing the company to corrupt actions of this nature.

These goods belong to Education First Foundation who hold the receipts of purchase.

As matter of urgency, and certainly within 24 hours before the excuse that the distribution of goods has already been made can be used, which frankly would be a cover up, please respond appropriately to my email address

L. Fairbairn

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of England and Wales


Education First Foundation Limited

Review about: Donation Goods For Flood Victims In Cagayan De Oro.

Monetary Loss: $70.

LB Electronics - They were going to fix my ac plug on laptop

Saint Louis, Missouri 0 comments
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They said they could fix it. They soldered a new ac plug burnt my motherboard up, then wanted 30 dollars to give me my ruined Dell 5160 laptop.

Beware of these folks! l&B electronics Eldon, mo 573-392-7554. I was told they could fix it, the guy that sent me was selling computers, I think they ruined it thinking I would buy a new computer from them. Now it will cost about 300 for the motherboard plus to install.

This is the first time i went to a public place and they charged me to ruin my computer!

Review about: Dell 5160.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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